5 Awesome Resources for Project-based Businesses

Posted 15 September by Blaine Bertsch in Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Project-based business face some unique but critical challenges that can stifle growth if they aren’t addressed. Whether you’re a pro, or you are just starting it out in the world of business we’ve assembled five great resources to help you manage and grow your business.

Finding New Customers:

If you don’t evolve as a firm and attract new customers while retaining the previous ones for long, then you aren’t going to taste sustained success. Everyone steps foot in the industry to make money. You need to focus on the skill-set that can help you get the job done.

If you are finding it hard to attract new clients, then try this go-to guide for you.

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Getting Paid Faster

Cash is critical for any business to survive and thrive. A core issue that project-based businesses regularly face is the issue of getting paid in a timely manner.

Cash inflow is essential, and having appropriate cash on hand when you most need it takes some careful planning and processes.

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Calculating Profit Margins

Profit is what you’re in for. Isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly the case with every other enterprise. When it comes to corporate profit you can rely, it is important to first understand exactly what makes you the most profit and how much you can count on.

Calculating profit margins is an essential task to thoroughly understand and improve your business.

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Dealing with Scope Creep

When it comes to managing a project, you’ve to be sure about its scope. Vague, poorly-defined and ill-conceived scope can add to your worries, particularly if you have no idea how to fix the scope creep phenomenon.

If you’re into project-based business, then you need to be sure about what constitutes scope creep. Otherwise, you can lose momentum as well the initiative that serves as the key in overcoming all of the project management related issues.

This video resource will outline scope creep, how to avoid it, and how to make best use of the resources you have for your business.

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Critical Tactics for Running a Project-Based Business

We created this course to share essential tactics and strategies for landing terrific projects, avoiding critical issues that can lead to disaster and sharing some essential processes that will help you ensure that your customers are happy and you are profitable.

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From attracting new clients to maximizing the profits, you can have all the information you’d like. Project-based business is, by no means, easy but we’ve shared some of the best tactics and resources that we have to help you run more efficiently, keep the cash flow coming and make sure you are profitable.

Find out how Dryrun can help you take control of your cash flow and sales pipeline.

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