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Monitor, manage & model cash flow. Automated software with unmatched flexibility.

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True Cash Flow Visibility

Dryrun is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in business. It's super valuable to have this kind of visibility.

For Accounting Pro Advisory

Bring the insight and perspective your clients need to keep their businesses moving forward. Save time and deliver actionable insights for your clients.

Track risk factors, highlight issues and discuss options. Dryrun equips your practice to offer value to clients while streamlining your operations.

  • Monitor your clients cash position and keep them informed
  • Manage risk through assessment and explore optimizations
  • Model scenarios to discuss potential options to your clients
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For Business Owners to Reduce Risk & Grow

Stop fussing with spreadsheets. Understand your business and take action.

Your cash position is your most precious commodity. Know where you stand, your next steps, and where you are headed.
  • Monitor the current state of your cash and proactively address problems
  • Manage the timing of payments and take action on overdue receivables
  • Model what if scenarios to make the right decisions

Gain Access to our Dryrun AcademyHERE

Timing is Everything

Quick setup & updates to manage the inflows & outflows of cash

Model Scenarios

Compare ‘what-if’s and make informed decisions

Powerful & Flexible

Import data,automated set-up,plusfull manual control

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