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Your clients need your advice about managing their cash flow...

...but they hate spreadsheets.

We've built software so you can communicate with them in a way that's comfortable and meaningful for both of you. Dryrun’s powerful cash flow forecasting tool makes it easy for you keep track of their business progress. You'll build value in your services by offering clear, actionable advice based on what you both see.
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Clear and Simple Communication
  • Got non-numbers clients? Relax – they love Dryrun.
  • Discuss real-time client financials in-person or remotely.
  • Show – don’t tell – how future sales will become cash flow.
  • Integrate QuickBooks Online, Xero and Pipedrive
  • We’ll support you so you can support your clients.

Leave the Dreaded Spreadsheet Behind

Many of your clients despise spreadsheets. Dryrun is clear, fast, cloud-based and automated to help them ‘see’ their numbers and make decisions in a way that spreadsheets can’t.

Dryrun provides your clients with cash flow, sales & budget forecasts in a single, clear view. Your advice + our visuals = their goals for business health.

• Full manual control and flexibility
• Import data from QuickBooks Online, Xero & Pipedrive
• Track future, due and overdue payments

Clear visuals enhance your clients' growth and business planning abilities.

You’ve got the financial knowledge, but until now there hasn’t been a simple, intuitive way to build a visual roadmap of client next steps and opportunities for growth.

Enter Dryrun – you’ll spend less time translating financials, and more time showing clients how to protect and grow their business.

Build Advisory Relationships with Dryrun

It’s accrual world for accountants – many wish they had the tools to build professional relationships with clients throughout the year. Dryrun can help.

Our simple platform and highly visual format is built for sharing and communication, and allows you to easily reach out to each client on a weekly or monthly basis to guide them through their cash flow decisions with the goal of growth and profit.

Your clients value proactive business advice, and in the age of bookkeeping software, clear, actionable advice is how you differentiate yourself, retain and grow your client base while building value and seeing more of your clients.

Client communication just got really easy

Using Dryrun’s real-time visualizations of client business financials, you take one the role of trusted consultant driving business growth instead of once a year mop-up.

Dryrun also makes it easy to stay in touch for regular meetings to drive growth using our flexible, visual and collaborative software without the expense of a face-to-face meeting.

Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna -
Finance at Wondersauce

Save time with your favourite integrations

Dryrun easily integrates with Xero and Quickbooks Online so busy accountants can refresh data with a click. Your customers can integrate with Pipedrive to view their sales pipeline alongside their cash flow. Want to suggest another integration? Chat with us below.

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Help is just a click away

Dryrun is pretty straightforward and built around standard financial principles, but that wasn’t enough for us. We put lots of support options at your fingertips so you’re able to get help fast and when you need it.

With clear language and visuals, our self-serve help section tied with our in-app messaging service means that support is just a click away.

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