Adding Members

Add someone at any time. Maybe even half a dozen someones.

Every business is different - yours is no exception, so how you set up Dryrun is going to be unique to your needs. Use a single, central Dryrun account to create your forecasts then share them as required with clients and colleagues.

Multiple accounts? Pay for them all on one bill. By the way: purchase subscriptions for three member accounts and the fourth one (yours!) is free.
An easy way to manage multiple users:
  • Add and remove account users or additional subscriptions
  • Simple ‘add members’ process is easy and intuitive
  • Maintain control and confidentiality
  • ADVANCED DASHBOARD for accounting pros

Add and Remove Members with Ease

Every business is unique so Dryrun builds flexibility with who, what, and when you share strategic information. Simply go to ‘Members’ on your account screen, enter an email and we will send an invite, ask them to approve you to manage their account and you’ll be set.

Now you can add their subscription to your account in a click and remove them later if necessary.

Simple 'add members' process is easy and intuitive

Dryrun believes that adding and managing multiple users should be as easy as sending an email. Just login to your account, click on ‘Add Members’ and send invites. We take it from there.

Business decisions shouldn’t be needlessly complicated.

Maintain control and confidentiality

It’s as easy to remove a member as it is to add. Rest assured that Dryrun’s sharing privileges help promote and protect your sensitive strategic moves through easy-to-navigate permissions.

With the Dryrun, I changed my “hope management” into the cash flow management and it has made a big difference. It brings a clear and true overview of where my company stands, which helps me plan better and avoid issues. Most importantly – I can sleep much better.
Jindřich Kejík
Company Director at FS Vision

Read-only or Read-and-write Priviledges

Every business is unique so Dryrun builds flexibility with who, what, and when you share strategic information.

Click ‘read-only’ when you share a forecast to provide limited access.

That’s it!

Control your admin costs

Dryrun feels the pain of our small business and accounting users when it comes to scaling up an already lean organization. That’s why we offer great pricing, a powerful dashboard so that you can manage them in one place.

We provide proof that growing your business doesn’t always mean growing pains.

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