Advanced Collaboration

Manage Multiple Users, Forecasts & Integrations with Ease

We've heard from accountants and businesses alike. You are using Dryrun with your clients, with your colleagues, with your teams. Now, you have unprecedented control and ease of use to manage your data, members and integrations.

Multi-User Power!

Better control & more power for $59/month

  • 3 additional single user accounts are included
  • New dashboard for organizing members and forecasts
  • Connect multiple companies through integrations
  • Manage additional members with ease
  • Your account and all of your members on one monthly payment

Dashboard Control

Organize your forecasts

  • View your members forecasts separate from yours
  • See forecasts shared with you
  • Sort by name, created or access dates
  • View by Username or Company
  • View Forecast Details
  • Change access privileges
  • Duplicate, share, move and archive

Advanced Integration Control

• Connect your account with multiple companies

• Xero, QuickBooks Online & Pipedrive

• Use multiple integrations and companies in any forecast

• One-click refresh in your forecasts

xero, quickbooks online, pipedrive integrations

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