Advisory Tool - Insights Panel

82% of business failures are due to poor cash management

Learn from Dryrun experts how to deliver cash flow solutions for your business.

Build Insights for Your Clients!

By using the available wizard – you can quickly integrate their Accounting data with our platform. You can see your clients AP/AR position, their current bank balance, their average monthly expenses and most importantly their Runway. All of these elements will give you opportunities to talk with your client and get them on a better path for their business.
Financial Modelling & Cash Management has never been easier!
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Available for Existing Partners & Clients

Our Insights Panel shows necessary information you need to make decisions quickly and share out to your teams. As a GREAT practice with all of your clients – get as many setup in our system and get the Insights Panel working for you and your clients.

Try out the “Insights Panel” today and show how cash management is keeping your clients business moving.

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Monitoring Your Clients Cash Position

With the Insights Panel you can maintain an early warning system so that your client has time to react to a shortfall. Share the panel with their Management team for quick decisions.

  • How much cash do they have in the bank?
  • How long until they run out of cash?
  • Who owes them what & when?

Dryrun will help your client stay on top of their current cash reality.

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Managing Your Clients Cash Position

Now you can quickly see your clients AP/AR positions and the critical factors affecting their cash management. The Insights Panel shows open invoices and open bills and timing so your client can effectively manage with little effort.

• Get a realistic view of when they will receive payments
• Adjust to the realities of delays and hiccups
• Track their monthly expenses and make sure they can cover them

Model Scenarios to Make the Right Decisions

Once you have viewed your clients Insights Panel you can get the power of Dryrun working for them. Take control of the great features that can give your clients options before they leap. Build out best case scenarios. Worst? Most likely? ‘What if’s….?’

• Compare scenarios in just a few clicks
• Model out all ideas
• Gain consensus with their management team

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Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna -
Finance at Wondersauce
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