Cash Flow Forecast Template
Posted 17 March by Blaine Bertsch in Budget, Cash Flow

Download this forecast in Excel to quickly get started managing your cash flow. For more speed, power, and the ability to sync your accounting data from Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online or Xero, try out Dryrun.

Dryrun Feature Release 66
Posted 09 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Dryrun Updates, News

Currently discussing currency Currency Update scenario currency settings modal UI Show scenario currency permanently if set and allow user to modify it regardless of currency conversion setting Show scenario currency, forecast currency and exchange rate by scenario when currency conversion enabled Convert due invoices and bills to forecast currency if currency conversion enabled Convert cash […]

Cash Flow Management and Modelling from a Practical Business Perspective
Posted 03 March by Barb Easter in Uncategorized

….or in other words, you’re wrong. Your Clients Love Dryrun‘s Approach The below text is an edited version of the above video. Dryrun’s software is fundamentally different in our approach forecasting, management and modeling. It’s business oriented and holistic and it’s that framework of being both a business-oriented and holistic tool that I’m going to […]

It’s Your Choice: Race to the bottom vs abundance
Posted 27 February by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Culture

Cashflow issues kill nearly 30% of businesses. It doesn’t matter where you live or what line of business you’re in, this is a constant statistic that has a far-reaching impact beyond just another failed business.  Layoffs-Increased unemployment; divorce-broken homes; increased taxation- further pressure on communities to carry the burden Cash flow issues are a big […]

Dryrun Feature Release 65
Posted 24 February by Barb Easter in Uncategorized

Hold on tight, it’s a whopper! Dependencies Kind of a big deal – Dryrun has taken the functionality of the ‘Add Item’ feature and majorly amped up its performance by allowing users to add ‘dependent’ child items to the classic ‘parent’ items. add child items to ‘Add item’ modal add percent field to child item […]

Feature Focus: Consolidating Data
Posted 20 February by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

Multiple entities are no problem to model in Dryrun’s system Feature Basics Available on Dryrun’s Advanced plan and Partner plans, consolidate allows uses to merge scenarios to view complex or multi-tentity what-ifs. Enter an existing Forecast that contains 2 or more scenarios that are relevant to each other. Hover over the Forecast Title to access […]

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