Best Practices: Internal Fraud
Posted 24 March by Jay Owen in Accounting, Advisory, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

Best practices on securing business against internal fraud. Small and mid-sized companies are more likely to experience fraud than larger organizations, and the damage from fraud on these companies can be much more impactful. The majority of this fraudulent activity involves theft, or misappropriation of assets. Employees are typically the ones who commit these thefts […]

How to build and maintain a business cash reserve
Posted 16 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow

Cash reserves or “rainy day funds” aren’t just something your mom tells you to keep as a safety precaution, they’re a very real strategy that many businesses neglect to employ… often to their own demise.  A rainy-day fund prepares you for any risks you need to incur during a “slow season” or unforeseen circumstances, allowing […]

Blue Ocean Strategy.
Posted 16 March by Jay Owen in Advisory, Feature Focus

The Case for Not Telling People You’re an Accountant. Maybe you’ve heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy, maybe you’ve heard of the Red Ocean Strategy… or maybe this sounds like a Dr. Seuss book to you. One ocean, two oceans, red ocean, blue oceans?  But really, following a blue ocean strategy could be your business’s […]

No One is an Expert at Cash Flow Advisory… Yet
Posted 16 March by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Entrepreneur, The Forecast

Did you know that to be considered an “expert” you need to have invested at least 10,000 hours into the subject? Since specialized cash flow advisory services haven’t been popular for long enough to have someone with over 10,000 hours dedicated to it, technically speaking, no one is an expert! And psst, since you’ll ask, […]

How to shorten a cash flow cycle
Posted 16 March by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Methods and practical ways to shorten prolonged cash flow issues. In a turbulent and unreliable economy, cash can make or break your business much quicker than you may anticipate. Between waiting for invoices to be paid or not having enough cash to purchase inventory, whatever the issue, there is likely a reasonable solution out there… […]

How Much Are Clients Willing to Pay for your Advisory Services?
Posted 16 March by Jeremy Burke in Advisory, Entrepreneur, Integrations, Tools and Resources

Understanding what a person or small business is willing to pay for your advisory services is probably one of the biggest challenges facing CPAs today. As advisory services are still relatively new for CPAs to offer, there isn’t a standard set of pricing “rules” and of course, depending on who you want to take on […]

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