How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis
Posted 21 January by Jay Owen in Cash Flow, Small Business, The Forecast, Tools and Resources

Today we have more choices and strategic information at our fingertips than ever before. Here’s how to make it work for you. Making business decisions can be challenging when there are so many factors at play. Timing can play a huge role. So can due diligence in vetting every potential decision you could pursue.  But […]

The 3 M’s of Cash Flow
Posted 21 January by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

How to Monitor, Manage, and Model It for Business Success Cash flow is on every business owners’ mind due to the global economic conditions that 2020 has wrought. Understanding cash flow as a concept and as a series of processes helps businesses succeed and has become especially important in an economy like we’re experiencing now.  […]

Ready for Cash Flow Management with your CPA?
Posted 21 December by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

How to work with your CPA Firm on new and exciting services in 2021.  Just like your business, your CPA Firm has started to diversify its service offerings. Not only to take on the behemoth of a year that was 2020, but to continuously evolve and provide the best possible service to their clients (that […]

Transformation vs Change
Posted 17 December by Blaine Bertsch in Budget, Case Studies, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Culture, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

“Change” is replacing one thing with something else. “Transformation” is the word for a dramatic change from one entity into another.  After 2020, most businesses that have come out on the other side have truly transformed themselves from what they once were into entirely new entities… and there’s no going back.  These businesses and their […]

Turning Strategy into Results
Posted 17 December by Jay Owen in COVID-19, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

How businesses can refocus on building a strategy for their business in 2021.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could start looking to the future instead of running triage simply to survive 2020?  For many businesses, building a strategy for 2021 is an absolute must, in order to have a better year and to start […]

Why Pay for a Cash Flow Management Tool?
Posted 10 December by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

If your business is so complex, you’re using (or should be using) cloud-based accounting software, cash management tools may be right for you. Let’s face it, spreadsheet management processes can start becoming intense as soon as others need access or begin fiddling with them. You need a solution that integrates with your accounting software so […]

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