Dryrun: Team Expansion
Posted 07 May by Barb Easter in Dryrun Updates, Uncategorized

Edmonton, AB | May 2019 – For Immediate Release Dryrun Welcomes Director of Business Development The Dryrun team is very pleased to welcome Jeremy Burke as Director of Business Development. Jeremy will direct Dryrun’s business development team to growth across Dryrun’s channels to help businesses and their accountants manage and forecast cash flow. A veteran […]

Costs: Accounting vs Analysis
Posted 25 April by Barb Easter in Accounting, Budget, Cash Flow, Videos

Accountants should look toward using data to analyze costs rather than simply accounting for them. Dynamic management and forecasting of costs rather than static reporting is a value added service to business clients. Transcription: Good morning everybody. Barb from Dryrun here, we are cashflow forecasting software out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Today I’d like to […]

Businesses Top Complaints About Accountants and How to Turn it into Opportunity
Posted 16 April by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Cash Flow, Videos

Blaine Bertsch with Dryrun, discusses the top 5 complaints that businesses make about their accountant and how these complaints actually present a key opportunity for the profession. Stats from https://www.waspbarcode.com/small-business-report-accounting Transcription: Hi Everyone, This is Blaine at Dryrun.com Today I am going to talk with you about some of the top complaints that business owners have […]

Aeble Business Services
Posted 11 April by Barb Easter in Case Studies

If a client calls and asks, “Can I afford X, Y, or Z.” or “I want to compare the burn rate on staffing and travel against the PO value if I sell X at this rate,” the data is instantly available. My employees can do a quick scenario and the answer is right there. Tammy […]

Advisory Prevents Job Insecurity: Requires Stereotypically Feminine Traits for Success
Posted 08 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Budget, Cash Flow, Videos

Happy International Women’s Day – Barb discusses how technology empowers women (traditionally more vulnerable in terms of job insecurity and income disparity) to leverage their stereotypically feminine traits for success. Transcription: Hi there Barb here with Dryrun, On International Women’s Day. I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my head in regard to the role […]

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