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Your clients need your advice about managing their cash flow...

With Dryrun, you can offer cash flow advice that's real-time and readable. Integrate, iterate, and communicate. Non-numbers people love it.
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Use Dryrun to Build Value with Your Clients
    • Got non-numbers clients? Relax – they love Dryrun.
    • Save Time With Your Favourite Integrations
    • Leave the Dreaded Spreadsheet Behind
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Who uses Dryrun?

Dryrun users span 60 countries and numerous industries. Often $500k-10 million in annual revenue, project based businesses and manufacturers, such as design, construction and bespoke clothing. Common challenges:

  • Big invoices and big bills (but not always in that order!)
  • Cash-intensive materials or inventory
  • Seasonal/cyclical cash flow woes
  • Need to predict their long term sales (tomorrow’s cash flow!)
  • Difficulty getting paid on time


We Support You

We get it. You have the drive to share your expertise via a good set of tools. You want to help clients accomplish their business goals. That’s why we offer:

• Concierge on-boarding for you and your clients – separately or together.
• Coursework, evaluation and certification under our Partners program
• Friendly and knowledgeable chat and email support
• A growing knowledge-base of text, GIFs and quick videos to use and share
• Thought-leadership and a welcome presence on socials – reach out to us!

Save time with your favourite integrations

Scaling your practice means doing less data entry, not more, so Dryrun easily integrates with Quickbooks Online, Xero and Pipedrive. Refresh transactions at a click, leaving more time to discuss the ‘what ifs’ and model trends.

Your clients will thank you for communicating the risks and opportunities in their business.

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Clients Dread Spreadsheets

With client data connected, it’s time to leave the dreadsheet behind. No more worries that clients won’t understand the formulas, rows and columns, and there’s no concern that your carefully crafted formulas will break.

Dryrun is clear, fast, cloud-based and automated to help clients ‘see’ their numbers and make decisions in a way that spreadsheets just can’t.

Build Client Relationships and Value with Dryrun

It’s accrual world for bookkeepers and accountants. Your clients value proactive business knowledge, and in the age of bookkeeping software, clear, actionable advice is how you differentiate your practice.

Offering value with a tool that makes forecasting clear and easy to understand – even for non-numbers people – means that you’ll grow your client base while building value with each of them.

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Grow Your Business While You Help Grow Theirs

You’ve got the knowledge, but until now there hasn’t been a simple, intuitive way to build a visual roadmap of next steps and opportunities for growth.

Enter Dryrun – you’ll spend less time translating financials, and more time showing clients how to protect and grow their business – which means you’ll be growing your own consultative value at the same time.

Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna -
Finance at Wondersauce

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