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82% of business failures are due to poor cash management

You spend too much time building cash flow spreadsheets + your clients hate spreadsheets.
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Automatic, yet flexible when it counts.

    • One-click refresh from QuickBooks Online, Xero & Pipedrive

    • Save 80% of your time over remaking spreadsheets

    • Highlight potential issues, ask your clients key questions

    • Free account and wholesale prices for Partners


How Dryrun's different

We come from small business, so we know a few truths.

  • Tomorrow matters more than yesterday
  • ‘Net 30’ usually means ‘Net 72’
  • Every day is filled with ‘what ifs’ and change
  • Businesses need help cutting through the fog
  • They need simple data that highlights problems ahead of time

Dryrun is different because it’s both automatic to save time, with full manual control so you don’t have to go back to a spreadsheet to make your point.

Plus it’s beautiful and easy to read.

Get started fast.

  1. Import your clients cash flow data from QuickBooks Online or Xero
  2. Adjust the data to tell the real story
  3. Pinpoint potential problems, ask questions and discuss

Repeat on a regular basis

Powerful Repeating Budgets

Set and forget, a recurring budget that helps your client picture their break-even point and keep track of their ongoing expenses.

  • Multiple repeat options for each item
  • Create custom categories
  • Repeat items forever or set end dates
  • Separated from bills and invoices for easy scanning
  • Import expenses from QuickBooks Online without duplicates

AR/AP Timing is Everything

Track the timing, of bills and invoices so that your client can stay on top of both, avoid shortfalls and make sure money is rolling in the door.

  • Sync bills, invoices & payments from QuickBooks Online & Xero
  • Due and overdue items are flagged for easy tracking
  • Option to ‘auto-bump’ overdue items to today
  • Change dates in a click for a realistic cashflow forecast
  • Dryrun will update when payments arrive

Compare 'What If' Scenarios

Rapid scenario planning will ensure your clients know their options and make informed decisions.

  • Duplicate cash flow scenarios in a click
  • Change data points in seconds
  • Compare the outcomes on the graph
  • Model nearly any business issue

Organize Your Clients Forecasts

Keep your client forecasts organized, easy to control and track. Build your own internal forecasts to keep you in-the-know about your own cash flow position.

  • Organize forecasts and clients in a few clicks
  • Adjust forecast access
  • Filter through different list options
  • Create an unlimited number of your own forecasts at no charge


Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna -
Finance at Wondersauce

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