Business Owners

Clarify your numbers - with or without your accountant.

Dryrun knows how much time business owners have to waste (zero!) so we’ve built our software to be super simple to get going, stay going, and share.  No accountant? No worries - Dryrun is just as useful for the business leader who is also the company’s ‘numbers person’.
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Built to make your life easier:
  • Set up to match your business
  • Quickly analyze cash flow to make snappy business decision
  • Use it fast
  • Create unlimited scenarios
  • Connect your tools and import your data

Set up to match your business

Dryrun was created with the understanding that both time and control are valuable to small business owners. We automate what we can without blocking users who need complete control of their numbers – this means that even data imported into Dryrun can be manually customized.

Change anything at any time – set it up once and set it to continue forever. Dryrun’s flexibility is how small business owners make time for other important stuff.

Quickly analyze cash flow & sales forecasts to make critical decisions

With Dryrun’s highly visual layout, it’s easy to forecast the cash flow surpluses and crunches that might affect your business, then use that information to drive decisions that are made weekly, monthly, (or even hourly!).

As quick as opening the web-based program and glancing at your data from time to time, trust Dryrun to act as your ‘reality check’ so you can strategize with confidence.

Use it fast

We created Dryrun for lean and agile businesses. Fill Dryrun with as much or as little data as you need to, visualize a plan and strategize.

Dryrun’s quick learning curve, fast and customizable set-up, highly visual forecasts and easy-to-access help options ensure that you can move quickly toward your goal – checking your cash flow to avoid crunches, safeguard your business, and expand your profit margin.

Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville - Founder, Wondersauce

Create unlimited scenarios

We made Dryrun without any silly limits that traditionally keeps users from experiencing the full benefits of our software.

Create unlimited new scenarios quickly through duplication, play with them, then toggle them on and off to compare and strategize, and share full or read-only access with key decision makers. In other words, we don’t enforce a speed limit for your business when you’re using our powerful and flexible program.

Connect your tools and import your data

Already invested valuable time and money in Quickbooks, Xero, or Pipedrive? We made it easy to import data from these programs so that with a few mouse-clicks, you can see your data integrated in one place. Refresh your connected software and see changes reflected in Dryrun.

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