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If a client calls and asks, “Can I afford X, Y, or Z.” or “I want to compare the burn rate on staffing and travel against the PO value if I sell X at this rate,” the data is instantly available.

My employees can do a quick scenario and the answer is right there.

Tammy Christiansen, Partner, Aeble Business Services

Name: Aeble Business Services

Firm Size: 5 person team

Location: Halton Hills, ON, Canada


To scale their practice, Aeble’s team tests ways to manage workflows, assign tasks, and manage client relationships. Aeble’s mission is to free their clients from working on the business so they can work in their business – what clients do best.

Aeble is experiencing rapid growth moving from a bookkeeping-oriented firm into business and data management services firm. Dryrun supports the company by offering cash flow forecasting technology and a collaborative platform to provide clients with an up-to-the-minute, on-demand forecast of business hurdles or goals.

The Client

A technology consulting firm servicing mid- to enterprise-sized corporations.

Priorities: Carefully managing payables and receivables, balancing short-term and long-term growth, and ensuring costs vs revenue are justifiable as they continue to grow.

Challenges: Big Picture

Creating cash flow and sales projections were necessary… but cumbersome.

We pulled data from the client P&L, income statement, balance sheet, loose projections from client’s project manager and Aeble’s own expertise. We needed to aggregate information into a useable format to consult with them about their plans for growth and sustainability.

One person on Aeble’s team could create client projections. She managed this workload in addition to her business development and leadership roles.

Without the proper tool, it was too much to ask staff to source and aggregate this data into a cash flow projection and then require them to strategize live with clients in their multi-million dollar business.

Challenges: Employee Perspectives

Creating forecasts and managing cash flow the old way was a matter of ‘hurry up and wait’ that created a bottleneck at several key areas of Aeble’s business workflow.

Colleen Dalgliesh, Aeble Employee and Dryrun user
  • Leadership was tied up gathering data and creating projections amidst their other responsibilities
  • Support personnel were waiting internally to receive forecasts and commentary, then deliver cash flow projections to client
  • Client was waiting on projections in order to make operative and strategic decisions in their business
  • The output wasn’t clear to our client, and was in a fragile format

Our role with the client changed rapidly due to internal personnel turnover – we needed to remove the bottleneck for answers. We needed something that would work…and fast!

Dryrun helped Aeble overcome areas of risk and disadvantage. Pre-Dryrun:

  • If key personnel were away or committed to another task, our client was left waiting for strategic data.
  • Our spreadsheet-based process was time consuming and not efficient use of our expertise – it also did not support our client relationship in the same way that Dryrun does.
  • Aggregating data is not as valuable as quickly creating visuals and scenarios that allow Aeble and our client to strategize then implement.

“[Our staff] now gives projections in a matter of minutes. Our client gets an immediate answer to his questions – with graphics – in front of him.”

How Dryrun Helped

Our account rep was amazing – she took us through a non-standard set up, to comfort with the software in a matter of hours. We went live with the client within days.

How does Dryrun fit this client?

We needed a tool that is always up to date and available to clients.

Every client is awake at 2am stressing about the week ahead and where the money is going to come from. Dryrun’s always available to them. Clients sleep better and are less stressed. That’s priceless.

For business owners in particular, and all the responsibility on their shoulders and the people who are relying on them. When you have many balls in the air, it’s important to know where everything is going to land if something goes wrong.”

Why Dryrun?

[Dryrun] came highly recommended from 9/10 people we asked, and the tenth person isn’t prepared to offer advisory at present.

Our initial, ‘Okay we’re ready to commit to this.’ to our ‘Okay we’re ready to go live.’ was not a long process.

  • Our key point of contact with this client now has additional skills and certification through Dryrun.
  • Aeble has a new service offering.
  • We can easily use this software for a client who is in the cloud or not

“Our workflow has changed dramatically. Forecasting was the role of our principal out of necessity. Now we’re able to assign work to a staff member – staff ‘gets it’ right away. It didn’t take long to onboard, learn and help the client on Dryrun at all. That made a huge difference to the business.”

Favourite Dryrun feature

Scenario consolidation is a very unique and highly valuable feature.

We can do 7 scenarios, each with their own configuration of data and from there we can create a single scenario so that a client can look at a single set of numbers and know where he’s going to be 9 months in the future.

For this client, a PO based business that deals with larger corporations, we can create one scenario that contains signed and invoiced POs, then another scenario for POs that are signed but not yet invoiced, and a third one for POs that we’re expecting to be signed. Then we can consolidate or NOT consolidate each data stream. The value is that we can easily run projections on the level of ‘guarantee’ there is on the money.

There’s a lot of power in the chart.

Ignoring the chart and looking at the numbers isn’t as helpful as helping clients quickly focus on the gap between the lines.

What type of clients would you recommend Dryrun for?

Use Dryrun with more complex clients.

Anyone with volatile payments – Aeble staff can so quickly and easily project those payments. Moving any item in Dryrun is so quick – the numbers repopulate and you’ve got answers instantly.

Do you recommend Dryrun to other accounting professionals?

Absolutely. (and we do.)

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