Dryrun Feature Release 66
Posted 09 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Dryrun Updates, News

Currently discussing currency Currency Update scenario currency settings modal UI Show scenario currency permanently if set and allow user to modify it regardless of currency conversion setting Show scenario currency, forecast currency and exchange rate by scenario when currency conversion enabled Convert due invoices and bills to forecast currency if currency conversion enabled Convert cash […]

It’s Your Choice: Race to the bottom vs abundance
Posted 27 February by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Culture

Cashflow issues kill nearly 30% of businesses. It doesn’t matter where you live or what line of business you’re in, this is a constant statistic that has a far-reaching impact beyond just another failed business.  Layoffs-Increased unemployment; divorce-broken homes; increased taxation- further pressure on communities to carry the burden Cash flow issues are a big […]

Dryrun is the Bridge Between Cash Flow Strategy & Ops
Posted 11 February by Barb Easter in Advisory, CFO

Hi there, Barb Easter here. I’m the Director of Client Success at Dryrun, the world’s foremost cash flow modeling and management tool based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What follows is a neatened transcript of the above video. Cash Flow is a Deep Concept So, from time to time I have these ideas that I’m pondering […]

Business Case: Medical Practice
Posted 17 January by Barb Easter in Advisory, Case Studies, CFO

Just like other organizations, medical practices seek awareness of short-term gaps to avoid cash flow shortages and need a way to communicate operations to colleagues and staff. Typical Case Established a multi-practitioner medical office experiences volatility in payables, receivables, and expenses due to the timing of insurance payments, patient refunds, and large biweekly payroll expenses, […]

2020 Vision: Plan your Xero-Driven Advisory Practice Now
Posted 07 January by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, CFO

While it’s mid-year – not New Year – for your client files, CPAs can leverage the “best foot forward” phenomenon that calendar new year brings to promote high-value cash flow advisory services in a way that is comfortable and profitable for both parties. Leverage Tech Time Savings Xero enables CPAs to use cloud tech to […]

Why make forecasting ‘fast and easy’?
Posted 10 September by Barb Easter in Advisory, Uncategorized

Shouldn’t we be really knuckling down to figure this stuff out…ASAP? Nope. No business processes change overnight. There is always lag. Accept this and use it to your advantage. Before the late 00’s and all the way back to the beginning of, well, accounting and bookkeeping – there’s always been a struggle with data transfer. […]