Heal Your Business by Adopting a Customer-Centric Approach
Posted 07 July by Barb Easter in Advisory, Culture, Tools and Resources

How connecting with your customers can drastically improve your CPA business.  Many businesses have trouble seeing beyond their own internal issues and processes. It is essential that companies maintain a customer-centered approach to business and strive to minimize their own issues to better serve their clients before they find someone else who will.  Organizations and […]

What’s Your Story? Why did you want to get into Cash Management?
Posted 16 June by Jeremy Burke in Advisory, Tools and Resources

Let’s think to the greater good of better ideas and better horizons for our CPA Firms. Reflecting on our business and our choices is always a good idea. Don’t spend all your time doing it, but a certain level of reflection is necessary in order to make choices that will successfully affect your business and […]

Baby Steps: Moving Your Practice into Advisory Services
Posted 16 June by Barb Easter in Advisory

Many of our Partners get overwhelmed with the ideas and perspective we provide to them of what they need to do to become an Advisor for their clients. Why should you consider moving to Advisory Services? Putting your expertise and time to good use, you can advise clients on the best strategies for their business. […]

Cash Management: Work of Art & Science
Posted 21 May by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Tools and Resources

Managing cash shouldn’t be a shot in the dark.  The idea that managing cash can be a scientific process and a form of art should not be a foreign thought. Many factors and nuanced influences are involved from the advisor providing the service.  When you are providing cash management services, think of yourself as a […]

Advisory Services is all about the people.
Posted 21 May by Blaine Bertsch in Advisory, Tools and Resources

You may be a CPA, but you’re in the people business now! Nowadays, it’s easy to lose sight of what is important when you consult with clients all the time. But at the heart and core of your business engagement is people working together for a better end result. How you manage yourself and your […]

NEW: Client Advisory Services (CAS)
Posted 22 April by Jay Owen in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus

There is a new acronym floating around the halls of CPA Firms and Consulting groups.  Client Advisory Services (CAS) means more to businesses and their clients ─ it’s the new wave of advisory services that businesses need. Ride the wave with us… we’ll show you how! You’re probably already providing some form of advisory service […]