What is Business Accounting?
Posted 14 April by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tools and Resources

An overview of business accounting and management accounting. Business Accounting and Management Accounting are more intuitive than general accounting. They consider more aspects of running a business than just keeping track of the numbers on a spreadsheet. In this article, we’ll provide some definitions of the different types of accounting, and how they are important […]

How to build and maintain a business cash reserve
Posted 16 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow

Cash reserves or “rainy day funds” aren’t just something your mom tells you to keep as a safety precaution, they’re a very real strategy that many businesses neglect to employ… often to their own demise.  A rainy-day fund prepares you for any risks you need to incur during a “slow season” or unforeseen circumstances, allowing […]

How to shorten a cash flow cycle
Posted 16 March by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Methods and practical ways to shorten prolonged cash flow issues. In a turbulent and unreliable economy, cash can make or break your business much quicker than you may anticipate. Between waiting for invoices to be paid or not having enough cash to purchase inventory, whatever the issue, there is likely a reasonable solution out there… […]

Job Vacancy
Posted 01 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tools and Resources

Bookkeeper – Full-time Position Job Overview On behalf of our Partners, we’re currently seeking Bookkeepers on a full-time basis. Your role is necessary to support the needs of our clients by collaborating with team members, keeping accounting records, verifying the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and providing bookkeeping services. This role provides an opportunity for […]

Focus on cash management, not profits
Posted 12 February by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Budget, Cash Flow

While profits are certainly nice and ultimately, are what you’ll be able to reinvest back into the business to help grow, they shouldn’t be your first priority when trying to gauge how your business is performing.  Emphasizing on profits alone will present an inaccurate picture of how your business is actually performing. Your accountant wouldn’t […]

Are Your Clients Bad Business Habits Hurting Your Business?
Posted 21 January by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Budget, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms can never guarantee the skillset or business acumen of their clients. In fact, a business’ lack of financial management structures tends to be one of the top reasons for consulting with a CPA in the first place. While CPAs will always be, by definition, financial problem solvers, a lack of […]