Understanding the thought chain of handling an emergency cash shortage
Posted 14 April by Blaine Bertsch in Budget, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

The thought of going through an emergency cash shortage is at best, terrifying. Especially since for many businesses, if happened not so long ago due to the COVID crisis.  While businesses focused on protecting their employees as best they could, the underlying damage to the economy became stronger with every passing day. But one thing […]

Sales Forecasting & Modelling for Success
Posted 31 March by Barb Easter in Budget, Small Business, The Forecast, Tools and Resources

Understanding sales forecasting and modeling best practices. Sales forecasting is the process of estimating your business’s future sales or revenues. At first, this can sound like a confusing and overwhelming task, but with some application it can be accomplished relatively easily. Forecasting sales is the process of identifying and understanding underlying assumptions and drivers of […]

Focus on cash management, not profits
Posted 12 February by Barb Easter in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Budget, Cash Flow

While profits are certainly nice and ultimately, are what you’ll be able to reinvest back into the business to help grow, they shouldn’t be your first priority when trying to gauge how your business is performing.  Emphasizing on profits alone will present an inaccurate picture of how your business is actually performing. Your accountant wouldn’t […]

Are Your Clients Bad Business Habits Hurting Your Business?
Posted 21 January by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Budget, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms can never guarantee the skillset or business acumen of their clients. In fact, a business’ lack of financial management structures tends to be one of the top reasons for consulting with a CPA in the first place. While CPAs will always be, by definition, financial problem solvers, a lack of […]

Transformation vs Change
Posted 17 December by Blaine Bertsch in Budget, Case Studies, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Culture, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

“Change” is replacing one thing with something else. “Transformation” is the word for a dramatic change from one entity into another.  After 2020, most businesses that have come out on the other side have truly transformed themselves from what they once were into entirely new entities… and there’s no going back.  These businesses and their […]

Finding the Right Bookkeeping System
Posted 10 December by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Budget, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

Not having the correct cloud-based bookkeeping system will cause bigger issues for your business, especially during economic hardship. Implementing the right cloud-based bookkeeping system can truly “make” or “break” your business. If you’re aiming for transparency with regards to financial forecasting, bookkeeping software should not only “do your accounting” but it should provide a clear […]