Transformation vs Change
Posted 17 December by Blaine Bertsch in Budget, Case Studies, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Culture, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Tools and Resources

“Change” is replacing one thing with something else. “Transformation” is the word for a dramatic change from one entity into another.  After 2020, most businesses that have come out on the other side have truly transformed themselves from what they once were into entirely new entities… and there’s no going back.  These businesses and their […]

Cloud-based SaaS Can be Your Pandemic Era Super Power
Posted 29 October by Jay Owen in Case Studies, COVID-19, Culture, Entrepreneur, News, Small Business, Tools and Resources

Humans don’t like to change. We avoid it at all costs, fighting it until the bitter end. It’s only when we are forced to do something differently, kicking and screaming all the way, that we make lasting change. But the fear of adopting something different eventually shifts into acceptance and then a new normal is […]

Dryrun Cash Flow Profiles: Farm and Agriculture
Posted 01 October by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Videos

Barb Easter is the Director of Client Success at Dryrun, the world’s foremost cash flow modeling and management tool based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What follows is a neatened transcript of the above video. I’m with you today to talk to you about something that’s near and dear to my heart, and that is the […]

Feature Focus: Consolidating Data
Posted 20 February by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

Multiple entities are no problem to model in Dryrun’s system Feature Basics Available on Dryrun’s Advanced plan and Partner plans, consolidate allows uses to merge scenarios to view complex or multi-tentity what-ifs. Enter an existing Forecast that contains 2 or more scenarios that are relevant to each other. Hover over the Forecast Title to access […]

Feature Focus: Importing Bills or Transactions?
Posted 28 January by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

How to predict, manage and model your credit card bills AND transactions with Dryrun. Feature Basics Dryrun’s import settings pulls in expenses from the accounts you select – this data could be entered manually in Sage Intacct, Xero or Quickbooks Online, or could consist of reconciled bank feed data – either of which is then […]

Feature Focus: Why Use Scenario Refresh
Posted 21 January by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Feature Mini Case, Tools and Resources

With two refresh options, Dryrun appears to overthink user experience, however, a manual refresh option at both the forecast and scenario level is evidence of the power and control that Dryrun users have in modeling out their future ‘what ifs’ Feature Basics While many of the API processes run automatically in the background, Dyrun’s Refresh […]