Case Study: Pulp Studios Inc.
Posted 26 August by Blaine Bertsch in Case Studies

Pulp Studios Inc. is a boutique illustration and animation company based in Edmonton, Canada. Led by partners, Corey Lansdell and Kelly Mellings, Pulp is a highly creative work environment but can struggle at times with managing day-to-day operations.

Case Study: Unthinkable
Posted 27 July by Blaine Bertsch in Case Studies

Unthinkable is a multi-office, cross-border design and digital strategy company with team members scattered across North America – stretching from Alberta to Nova Scotia to New York. Unthinkable partners manage their business from afar and must work diligently to communicate.

Case Study: Fela Photography
Posted 17 February by Blaine Bertsch in Case Studies

Fela Dales is a busy wife, mother, and founder of Fela Photography, with a life mission to help women see the true beauty inside of themselves. She focuses her art on accentuating her clients’ natural features and photographing them in such a way that encourages and empowers them to see their own inner light.

Cash Flow Case Study: Poppy Barley
Posted 25 July by Blaine Bertsch in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Justine and Kendall Barber have brought their startup, Poppy Barley, from idea to growing business in under two years. Quite a feat for any entrepreneur, let alone a company that produces custom products with staff in two countries.