Approach Strategies: Selling Advisory to Clients
Posted 08 July by Jeremy Burke in Advisory, Cash Flow, Tools and Resources

How to expand your services with existing AND new clients.  Accountants often do not understand the necessity of selling their expanded services to their existing customers. Let alone prospective ones. Lucky for you, there are three key strategies and ideas to help you succeed when selling advisory services! We know that you’re already busy helping […]

Modelling Risk Mitigation
Posted 07 July by Jeremy Burke in Cash Flow, Tools and Resources

In the past, defining political risk was relatively straightforward. Today, however, it can arise from a variety of sources, including citizens making videos on cell phones, city officials passing ordinances, terrorists, cybercriminals and more. Our supply chains are longer, more vulnerable (as we have witnessed since COVID started); the geopolitical environment is more crowded and […]

Cash Management: Work of Art & Science
Posted 21 May by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Tools and Resources

Managing cash shouldn’t be a shot in the dark.  The idea that managing cash can be a scientific process and a form of art should not be a foreign thought. Many factors and nuanced influences are involved from the advisor providing the service.  When you are providing cash management services, think of yourself as a […]

The Potential Impact of Bad Debt on Your Business
Posted 22 April by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow

Understanding bad debt and the impact of business write-offs.  Bad debt can negatively impact a business, making continuation or even just survival very difficult.  Businesses must make sure they do all they can to reduce their exposure to bad debt. Below we will explore what constitutes a bad debt and how businesses can reduce their […]

NEW: Client Advisory Services (CAS)
Posted 22 April by Jay Owen in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus

There is a new acronym floating around the halls of CPA Firms and Consulting groups.  Client Advisory Services (CAS) means more to businesses and their clients ─ it’s the new wave of advisory services that businesses need. Ride the wave with us… we’ll show you how! You’re probably already providing some form of advisory service […]

Tax Season is for beer money!
Posted 21 April by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow

Now that we have your attention… No, we’re not saying all CPAs only work to afford money for beers. But the idea that many accountants and CPAs have recognized the importance of moving away from only doing taxes is not far off.  The sooner you stop focusing solely on compliance for your clients and embracing […]