Customer Success: Job Opportunity
Posted 24 March by Barb Easter in Culture, Dryrun Updates, News

Dryrun is growing! We are hiring a Customer Success Representative to help businesses around the world with their most important problem.  Dryrun is an innovative software built to help businesses take control of their cash flow. We work with financial professionals and their clients to help them monitor, manage and model their financial data and […]

Making the Jump to a Service-Based CPA Work Environment
Posted 09 March by Barb Easter in Advisory, Dryrun Updates, Tools and Resources

Why your firm should consider unbundling their offerings and provide more service-based offerings.   Recently, there has been a shift in your clients’ needs. They may not realize it yet, but your CPA clients all need advisory services. Especially in times of economic hardship, small to medium-sized businesses will require more from their CPAs than just […]

Fear of the unknown: cash flow management advisory
Posted 29 January by Barb Easter in Advisory, Cash Flow, Dryrun Updates

Why are you not offering Cash Flow Management Advisory services at your firm?  People are looking for CPA advisors. It’s almost an undisputed fact nowadays; your clients don’t know what to do with their information and analytics, and they are going to other firms that offer advisory services because they need advice. But it’s easy […]

The 3 M’s of Cash Flow
Posted 21 January by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

How to Monitor, Manage, and Model It for Business Success Cash flow is on every business owners’ mind due to the global economic conditions that 2020 has wrought. Understanding cash flow as a concept and as a series of processes helps businesses succeed and has become especially important in an economy like we’re experiencing now.  […]

Dryrun Feature Release 66
Posted 09 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Dryrun Updates, News

Currently discussing currency Currency Update scenario currency settings modal UI Show scenario currency permanently if set and allow user to modify it regardless of currency conversion setting Show scenario currency, forecast currency and exchange rate by scenario when currency conversion enabled Convert due invoices and bills to forecast currency if currency conversion enabled Convert cash […]

Dryrun Walkthrough – Quick Start
Posted 09 October by Barb Easter in Dryrun Updates, News, Tools and Resources, Uncategorized, Videos

Businesses and advisors alike will benefit by watching this walkthrough video of first steps in Dryrun’s cash flow forecasting software. Book your free consultation today to get your forecast up and running smoothly. Published 7-Oct-2019