NEW: Client Advisory Services (CAS)
Posted 22 April by Jay Owen in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus

There is a new acronym floating around the halls of CPA Firms and Consulting groups.  Client Advisory Services (CAS) means more to businesses and their clients ─ it’s the new wave of advisory services that businesses need. Ride the wave with us… we’ll show you how! You’re probably already providing some form of advisory service […]

After Tax Season, What’s Next?
Posted 21 April by Jeremy Burke in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Feature Focus

So, what’s your next move?  It is estimated that 60% of accountants who make it through a tax season will leave their place of employment and move to another accounting firm just to do it all over again.  Break the cycle and take control of your career and your clients. Become an Advisor – not […]

Blue Ocean Strategy.
Posted 16 March by Jay Owen in Advisory, Feature Focus

The Case for Not Telling People You’re an Accountant. Maybe you’ve heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy, maybe you’ve heard of the Red Ocean Strategy… or maybe this sounds like a Dr. Seuss book to you. One ocean, two oceans, red ocean, blue oceans?  But really, following a blue ocean strategy could be your business’s […]

Vertical Specific Challenges and How to Handle Them
Posted 03 March by Jeremy Burke in Advisory, Feature Focus, Small Business, Tools and Resources, Uncategorized

Using your CPA expertise to handle challenges that only come with specific verticals.  Do you know your vertical, or your niche? It can absolutely be difficult to find a common denominator amongst all your clients.  If you can narrow it down, that’s great. If not, no worries! We’ll help you find your vertical(s) and determine […]

The 3 M’s of Cash Flow
Posted 21 January by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, COVID-19, Dryrun Updates, Feature Focus, Tools and Resources

How to Monitor, Manage, and Model It for Business Success Cash flow is on every business owners’ mind due to the global economic conditions that 2020 has wrought. Understanding cash flow as a concept and as a series of processes helps businesses succeed and has become especially important in an economy like we’re experiencing now.  […]

Finding Strength with Strategic Partners
Posted 29 October by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, CFO, COVID-19, Culture, Entrepreneur, Feature Focus, Integrations, Small Business, The Forecast, Tools and Resources

The covid-19 pandemic has had immense economic impact on all industries. Now more than ever, it is crucial to utilize strong business strategies that help to increase and maintain a consistent cash flow in order to effectively cope with the economic fallout of the pandemic.  Businesses need to focus on building strategic partnerships that add […]