Why Law Firms Should Use Dryrun for Cash Management
Posted 04 September by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, School for SaaS Tools

Dryrun in your legal practice is sound advice Generally speaking, lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct and Paralegal Rules of Conduct indicate that neither lawyers nor paralegals may appropriate any funds of the client held in trust, or otherwise under the control of the lawyer or paralegal, for or on account of fees.* *qualifications apply; obviously […]

Case Study: How I’d Use Cloud Apps to Improve my Business Today
Posted 30 January by Blaine Bertsch in Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business, Uncategorized

Today, I run a subscription-based software business, however, I spent over a decade running a project-based service business. Many of the cash flow, growth and capacity struggles that I experienced then still plague project-based businesses today. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I know now that a system to help me manage […]

Forecast Your Cash Flow and Sales in the Cloud
Posted 21 December by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business

Meet Dryrun’s forecasting software. Say goodbye to nasty surprises. Priority number one: eliminate nasty surprises that come sneaking toward your business from one day to the next…neutralizing them means you can concentrate on strategy to make more money. In other words, develop the ability to see into the future. Forecast with Dryrun Dryrun’s unique cash […]

Bookkeepers are Leading the Charge in Business Innovation. Join the Wave!
Posted 15 December by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, School for SaaS Tools

The bookkeeping industry is changing at a frantic rate. Manual data entry will soon be a thing of the past. Cloud accounting paired with a litany of incredibly powerful tools is increasingly automating data gathering throughout a long line of business processes. You might think that the bookkeeping industry is in a state of crisis. […]

Dryrun Video Tutorials
Posted 05 September by Blaine Bertsch in School for SaaS Tools, Videos

Maybe you have a specific question about a feature of Dryrun…or maybe you’ve always just wanted a video walkthrough to get your feet wet before you try it out…here’s your chance! 

Spreadsheets vs. Dryrun
Posted 06 July by Barb Easter in Accounting, Budget, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business

This month’s School for SaaS tools article features are spreadsheets. No big deal, right? Used by everyone from your history teacher for grading purposes to your accountant, to nurses, Microsoft Excel and its freeware sisters (we’re looking at you, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, and Libre Office) have shaped the conversation around modern accounting in many ways. […]