Case Study: How I’d Use Cloud Apps to Improve my Business Today
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Today, I run a subscription-based software business, however, I spent over a decade running a project-based service business. Many of the cash flow, growth and capacity struggles that I experienced then still plague project-based businesses today. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I know now that a system to help me manage […]

Dryrun Selected as a Top-32 Canadian FinTech Biz at SIBOS!
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We’ve been keeping busy over here at the Dryrun HQ – between new feature roll outs and other opportunities, Dryrun’s been selected as a Top-32 Canadian FinTech company for SIBOS Conference in Toronto during the 3rd week of October.

The Story of Dryrun with Blaine Bertsch and Mick Lolekonda
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Mick Lolekonda from Real Life Mechanics interviewed Dryrun Co-Founder and CEO, Blaine Bertsch to learn about his story and how his own challenges in business led him to building Dryrun to help other entrepreneurs. Thanks to Rosso Pizzeria, Blaine’s favourite spot, for letting us film!

Blaine Bertsch from Dryrun Interviewed by Benetrends Financial
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Excerpt from the article featured on Benetrends: Blaine Bertsch is the CEO of Dryrun, which helps businesses forecast cash flow, budgets, and sales scenarios in the cloud. We had a chance to speak with Blaine and hear his thoughts on how to handle cash flow, forecasting, and business funding in order to help small businesses […]

4 Truths About Forecasting Sales
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Let’s face it. I use phrases like this in my writing a lot (see my last post), but there’s a lot of things that need to be faced! … Like sales forecasting. Yes, sales forecasting can be a bit tricky but to your business, it’s absolutely necessary. Accurately forecasting your sales means planning deals, identifying […]

Cash Flow Management Tips for Service-Based Businesses
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You’re in business because you have marketable assets, skills, knowledge and experience for which other people are willing to pay. Often structured around a project or service, this business model is widely applicable to many ages, different demographics, business experience levels, education, or financial resources.