Comparing Scenarios

How do you make critical decisions in your business?

Dryrun allows each user to model and save unlimited scenarios and then compare them against each other. This type of practice exercise - a true dryrun - allows small business leaders to walk through potential outcomes on a regular basis and choose the soundest strategy based on what is modelled before them.

Checking the pulse of your business only takes a few seconds.
Multiple Scenario Power:
  • Bring certainty to your business’ future
  • Compare similar or vastly different scenarios
  • Build as many scenarios as you need
  • Toggle each scenario off and on to focus on key data
  • Built in collaborative opportunities

Bring certainty to your business' future

Seeing into the future isn’t magic – it’s visual data modelling. With enough financial information from you…and even in collaboration with your accountant, Dryrun shows how each key decision in your business might affect your revenue, all with a few clicks.

Flexible options compare similar or vastly different scenarios

Whether you want to practice operational decisions or prefer to have a general idea of profit and loss over this month, this quarter or this year, Dryrun gives you complete control from individual sales and expenses to overall benchmarks.

Dryrun quiets the ‘what-ifs’ that plague many small business owners.

As many scenarios as you need

Dryrun was built to make the most of the small business owner’s mind in overdrive as your busy brain calculates high-risk scenarios. Used as a place to plot and analyze an unlimited amount of data, Dryrun is a powerful tool for analyzing your cash flow then planning for profit on a timeline that makes sense for you. It’s a financial modelling software and cash flow tool in one great package.

Like you bought a business intelligence think-tank…without the high-priced suits.

Dryrun is a must-have tool for early stage startup founders who want to keep a close eye on their cashflow. I love that Dryrun is to the point and easy to use, especially compared to other financial softwares which are often bloated.
Jason Wong
Founder at Risehigh

Toggle scenarios off and on to focus on data

Whether you outline your current reality or a sunny-day outcome, the ability to toggle each scenario on and off allows you to compare forecasts, chart a course for success and export as required. Whether together in the boardroom or working remotely, Dryrun’s easy toggle feature allows any user to examine different outcomes easily, and modify until everything is just so.

Built-in collaborative opportunities

Share individual forecasts with your team, or strategize with select individuals like your accountant. Dryrun’s native sharing functions make it quick and easy to allow others to view scenarios; you control who is allowed to modify scenarios, and who needs read-only access.

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