Delivering True Value to Your Business Clients in Your Role as Advisor

Posted 06 March by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Videos

Blaine Bertsch with Dryrun, discusses the tendency of accounting pros and even some CFOs to miss out on one of the greatest opportunities in advisory.

Hi Everyone this is Blaine with Dryrun.

Today I want to talk a little bit about the difference in expectations between financial pro’s and business owners.

We have come across a little bit of a trend when talking with some of our CPA and CFO and Pro advisor partners that they tend to…when they are talking to their customers they tend to sort of want to tiptoe into offering an advisory relationships.

We’ve heard it more than once that they like to start with something like, well we are going to dip our toe in with quarterly reports from the annual reports that we are already doing and then if that goes over good then we’re going to go maybe to some monthly reporting and then they are going to do some more steps until they finally get to something like a weekly cashflow forecast.

Now what we hear all the time is they come back and say business owners, they are not interested. They don’t really want to put a bunch of money down on quarterly reports. So there is no way they are going to want to go for a weekly cash flow forecast.

What we hear from the business owners is completely the opposite. They want help with their business operations they want help with what’s happening today.

When we’ve talked to business owners and we’ve said hey you know you could have a pro that keeps your data up to date, reconciles your data, gets on the phone or gets on email and says, hey you’ve got a bit of a problem and they are watching your back every week.

We’ve literally, I’ve heard two oh my gods from the business owner. You know, oh my god, can they do that?

They have no idea that there can be that level of help.

And the difference is that they are not looking for past reports, once a year, quarterly reporting. They don’t see the value in that, it’s just a fact. Business owners don’t see the value in that.

What they are dying for is help on their week to week and day-to-day operations. And that doesn’t mean that it is going to take a lot of time for the pro.

You know, you pro’s out there we know our partners using Dryrun it’s a quick refresh, 30 seconds later they are sending a quick e-mail on hey this is what is going on, there is a ton of value to the customer.

So they are not recording hours, they don’t care how much time is going into that, what they care about is the value and there is something that is really helping them run their business.

And so I’ll characterize it this way, if you are talking with a business owner and they need, this construction company, they need a new big pick up truck 4 x 4. Imagine them going to the dealer and the dealer says well you know what we are going to do we’re going to start you out with something little, lets start you out with a smart car.

If that works out ok for you after 6 months, then we’re going to graduate you to a sedan and then eventually we may get to the pick up truck.

When they say, I don’t want a smart car.

Oh, there is no way I’ll ever sell them a pick up truck.

It’s because the needs aren’t matching up. And so, when you are, if you are a pro out there and you are talking with your client, make sure you are taking a deep dive on the issues they are having day-day, week-week in their business and how you can help them with that core problem.

Don’t try to tip-to in, try and figure out, what is your problem, and we are going to dive in and we are going to help you with that. That’s where the value is.

So anyway, love to hear your comments on that feel free to message us at or comment on this video. Love to hear your comments and continue the conversation if any of you want to track me down.

Thanks so much.

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