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82% of business failures are due to poor cash management

Learn from Dryrun experts how to deliver cash flow solutions for your business.

Welcome to the Academy!

Our universe is growing and we want to make sure everyone is being successful and learning ways to move forward.

With that in mind – we have created the Dryrun Academy. Its purpose is to bring Partners & Business Owners together with our internal teams and have open and opportunistic discussions around relevant subjects that our Partners and clients need support with.

You can now get access to all of our Sessions & Assets on-line at the Dryrun Academy portal. See below.

Our schedule of upcoming and available sessions are below as well. Enjoy!

Dryrun Academy - Online!


As of July 22nd – you can now access all sessions and support materials – online!

If you have joined Dryrun as an Advisor or you work with our platform as part of your Business – get the information you need to be successful.

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IF you have questions on how to get yourself setup with our Dryrun Academy – please email: hello@dryrun.com

Advisor Session #1

DONE: June 22nd, 2021

Focus: Scope of Work

Description: Discuss requirements of providing Advisory Services to your clients and the considerations for your practices growth.

Key Areas:

  • 50 Hours Model
  • Website Needs
  • Management System
  • External Marketing
  • Contracts & Renewals

To gain access to the video for this session – visit the portal: HERE

Advisor Session #2: Strategic Partners

DONE: July 6th, 2021

Focus: Leveraging Key Strategic Partnerships to Attract Your Perfect Clients

Description: Topics discussed will include

  • Grow your business
  • Attract Ideal Clients
  • Deliberately create a network of mutual referral relationships

Guest Speaker: Jeff Borschowa

Visit the portal for session access: HERE

Advisor Session #3: Using Dryrun to Monitor, Manage and Model Client Cash Flow

DONE: July 20th, 2021

Focus: Using Dryrun to Monitor, Manage and Model Client Cash Flow


Dryrun’s software platform provides the functions your clients need for insights and business intelligence.

To gain access to the session – visit the portal: HERE

Advisor Session #4: Value Proposition Primer

OPEN: Aug 3rd, 2021

Focus: Understanding the value Advisory Services brings your clients can be hard to qualify and quantify. Get perspective from our team and improve your own opportunities.

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Business Session #1: 21 Ways to Get Paid Faster

OPEN: Aug 10th, 2021 (1pm EST)

Focus: By managing your cash flow more aggressively – you can find ways to improve your Accounts Receivable and stay in business longer. Enjoy the webinar and learn how to use Dryrun to improve your business.

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Advisor Session #5: Prospecting methods, scripts and pricing for existing clients

OPEN: Aug 17th, 2021

Focus: Learn the “tricks of the trade” to build business opportunities and learn pricing strategies that work for you and your clients.

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Advisor Session #6: The Fourth M: Master the Advisory Conversations

OPEN: Aug 31st, 2021

Focus: Sometimes the hardest part of becoming an Advisor is engaging with your clients as one. Trust in yourself, the process and your tools. Let’s get into the conversation.

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Advisor Session #7: Cash Flow Offerings Webpage Teardown

OPEN: Sept 14th, 2021

Focus: Many websites talk about Cash Management but don’t offer it. Be different. Put the info that supports your offering of Cash Management for your clients.

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