Dryrun Support for Alberta ‘Bits and Pieces’ program

Posted 07 April by Barb Easter in Cash Flow, COVID-19

Dryrun is doing its part to help government, business and citizens weather the economic slowdown wraught by pandemic measures.

Dryrun has submitted initial information for consideration in Alberta’s ‘Bits and Pieces’ program.

With a global user base and as a Canadian software company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Dryrun has a unique perspective on the economic implications of the current pandemic response.

Modeled after the national WWII “bits and pieces program” established by Canada’s Minister of Munitions and Supply during the Second World War, C. D. Howe, the current provincial initiative coordinates production and procurement efforts to support the economy.

Dryrun is elated to make many of our valuable resources available to support the Bits and Pieces program. We encourage companies in a similar position to apply.

Questions or comments? Hit us on email, by chat in the app or DM our socials.

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