Dryrun Video Tutorials

Posted 05 September by Blaine Bertsch in School for SaaS Tools, Videos

Maybe you have a specific question about a feature of Dryrun…or maybe you’ve always just wanted a video walkthrough to get your feet wet before you try it out…here’s your chance! 

Links to our 2 most popular video series here:

Focusing on the ‘big’ picture of all the different reasons why businesses use Dryrun and the benefits they gain by doing so:


Focusing on the ‘how-to’ aspect of setting up your information inside Dryrun, this longer series of videos is the same as one of our in-person walkthroughs:


Restart the Dryrun Tour

Want a new demo company to play with? Log in to your account and restart the Dryrun tour here: https://app.dryrun.com/Home/Welcome

As always, chat us up through our site, on our app, or at hello@dryrun.com with your questions and experiences!

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