Due Date Tracking

Keep upcoming and overdue items on your radar

We know you’re juggling a million and one tasks, and you may not have the benefit of an accountant in your office at all times. Dryrun’s mission is to help you steady and visualize your cash flow. One of the ways we do that is to make sure that monies owed come to your notice immediately.

We love to help you manage your important tasks so that you can pay and get paid, on time, every time. Use our new feature set to flag your one-time and recurring AR and AP items with ease.
The Best Way to Track Your AP & AR:
  • Due and overdue items are flagged so they’re easy to track
  • ‘Bump up’ overdue items to ‘today’ so you don’t miss them
  • Quickly edit due dates to forecast your cash flow
  • Easy data refresh for imported items
  • Track manual items too

Due and overdue items are flagged

Whether you’re in daily, weekly or monthly view for either manual or imported items, your due and overdue items are now super obvious to you.

Each due item is flagged with a green dot while overdue payable and receivable items are marked with a warning red flag to help you prioritize your cash flow.

'Bump up' overdue items to 'today' so they're not missed

This popular feature will take all of your overdue items in payables and receivables and bump them forward to ‘today.’ So, when you login to Dryrun, everything that’s overdue is visible and nothing is missed.

The bump feature can be turned on in your settings.

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Quickly edit due dates to forecast your cash flow

We’ve said it before and it applies here too – it’s great to have a plan of what should happen with your payables, but what if business doesn’t happen exactly how you’ve planned? That’s why we give you manual control over nearly everything.

Editing your due dates to fit your schedule ensures that you run your business the way you need to from day to day. In other words, if you’ve received confirmation that an overdue payable is going to resolve in 10 days, Dryrun gives you the freedom to set it and forget it till the new due date comes around.

Dryrun is a must-have tool for early stage startup founders who want to keep a close eye on their cashflow. I love that Dryrun is to the point and easy to use, especially compared to other financial softwares which are often bloated.
Jason Wong
Founder at Risehigh

Easy data refresh for imported items

Regardless of whether you love our QuickBooks Online or Xero integration more, your paid items are mirrored in Dryrun when you refresh to make sure you’re up to date.

Even if you’ve made changes in Dryrun, we’ll honor the changes you made in your accounting software and update Dryrun to match.

Track manual items too

You can create and edit items manually as well and even mix them in among imported data if you use both techniques to track your cash flow.

When you create an item, we’ll put a ‘Mark as Paid’ button right on the bottom of the Item’s popup window. ‘Mark As Paid’ with a single click, then carry on. It’s easy and intuitive.

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