Forecast Your Cash Flow and Sales in the Cloud

Posted 21 December by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business

Meet Dryrun’s forecasting software. Say goodbye to nasty surprises.

Priority number one: eliminate nasty surprises that come sneaking toward your business from one day to the next…neutralizing them means you can concentrate on strategy to make more money.
In other words, develop the ability to see into the future.

Forecast with Dryrun

Dryrun’s unique cash flow and sales forecasting app is designed for you to easily manage your cash flow, track your budget, and forecast your sales together in a single view.

Unique and secure, Dryrun offers businesses a crystal clear view of present and future financials.

Use Dryrun to build, view, compare and change multiple what-if scenarios in the cloud. Outcomes and ‘what-ifs’ are easy to test. Just duplicate key scenarios and edit data points to match your best guess as to what your future is going to look like.

Dryrun gives users full control for tracking invoices, bills, due dates, late and partial payments, and more.You can also import and automatically refresh data from Xero & QuickBooks Online & Pipedrive ….and make manual changes one time or on the fly.

Dryrun Helps Businesses Succeed

With a small team or a large one, experience our award-winning support and knowledge base to help you hit the ground running.

Dryrun forecasting

Instead of fate, use your forecast to help you decide how and when to fill your revenue streams and then hammer out when you can expect to be paid.

Heck, you should pinpoint slow revenue periods then adjust specific sales goals and productivity to match. This is reality with the right software – this is what doing more with less means in today’s business.

Identify highs, lows, and capacity issues so that you can adjust to reach maximum productivity and efficiency.

Educate your sales team about how their deals affect company profit. Help them deal smarter – not harder.

With all your data in front of you, Dryrun helps you assess your risks and grow.

Why Should I Use Dryrun?

Your accountant loves reports, but reports look backward into a history that you can tidy up, print as a report and file till next year.

Dryrun allows you to visualize and manage your cash flow, forecast sales, and balance your break even point so you can stay afloat… then grow when the time is right.

Forget about wasted meetings spent discussing how to read data from a spreadsheet instead of what to do with the information. Dryrun lets you communicate your strategy and plan next-steps easily.

Forget missed payments that are hamstringing your operations. Track full and partial payments; have missed payments auto-flag so you can quickly nail down your priorities to pay and get paid.

…..Come to think of it, maybe your accountant would like to experience Dryrun too.

Imagine how clearly your accountant could share their plan for your business with Dryrun to help you both communicate.

Users Love Dryrun Software

Simple, beautiful visuals. Dryrun’s straightforward and understandable graph are a pleasure to read and play with. Our beautiful UI helps users understand their business financials then helps them communicate strategic decisions based on data.

Huge ROI from the start. SaaS keeps the subscription price low for users even as your ROI grows month by month. Dryrun moves users from triage to long-term planning and growth, netting savings and revenue opportunities unique to your business.

Get the big picture. By forecasting your cash flow, sales and budget together, you’ve got a clear view from today till next season.

Collaborate easily. Share your operations strategy with partners, advisors, and colleagues in a simple, and secure sharing environment. Share and duplicate forecasts

Integration is a breeze. Let’s face it – you’re hoping to save time…it’s the only thing your business can’t buy. We allow you to connect one or several Xero, Quickbooks, and Pipedrive accounts to keep data up-to-date and accurate and keep your sunk costs down.

Lead with confidence. Checking in with Dryrun twice a week for 10 minutes supports your strategic direction with accurate, data-driven, easy to understand vision of your business future.

Import to Dryrun

Is Dryrun Software Right for my Business?

• Are you satisfied with the capacity at which your team plans/builds/deploys your projects?

• Are you looking to grow your business with as little risk as possible?

• Is your business to be cash flow positive?

• Do you crave the flow that comes when each arm of your business understands and supports the other?

• Do you know which projects to take on to counteract your annual sales trough?

Think through possible strategies.

Avoid risks. Protect your income. Grow your operations.

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