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How do I Change my Password?

There are two ways to change your password in Dryrun: Change your password in your account settings Forgotten passwords can...
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How to Add Company Info

In the My Account area of Dryrun you can fill out your company’s details such as your name, email, company...
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Changing Currency Settings

To adjust your currency symbol, number format and symbol placement: 1. Click on your email address at the top of...
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Adding Members to Your Account

Users can add subscriptions to their Dryrun account so that subscription charges are directed to a single account. This feature...
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How to Change the Number Format

Every business has a specific way of recording values. In Dryrun, you can customize your format to match the individual...
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How to Change Currency Placement

To change where your currency appears in Dryrun, select Settings from the menu and view the options in Currency Placement....
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How does renewal work?

Your Dryrun account will automatically renew at the end of the previous period. If you are on a monthly account,...
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What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with Dryrun, please let us know within...
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Dryrun’s Privacy Policy

Website Visitors At Dryrun we are committed to protecting your privacy, and we maintain a general policy of openness about...
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Dryrun Terms Of Use

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Viewing Forecast Details

Each forecast now has a detail screen that lists a considerable amount of information including: Access date, date created, created...
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Connect Multiple Integrations

For Advanced Collaborators, connecting multiple client integrations is fast and easy from the main screen. Connecting multiple Xero, Quick Books...
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Changing Forecast Ownership

From time to time, there may be a need to change the ownership of a particular forecast. At present, if...
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How Do I Delete My Data?

Sometimes, users have specific privacy requests relating to the data they share with Dryrun. Should you choose to end your...
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Dryrun Credit Card Updates

Our credit card and payment software provider, Stripe, works directly with card networks to automatically update changing credit card info...
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