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How to Contact Support

If you need more help please contact us directly through the chat icon in Dryrun (at the bottom right of...
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How do I Change my Password?

There are two ways to change your password in Dryrun: Change your password in your account settings Forgotten passwords can...
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Why is my Dryrun Running Slow?

Sometimes you may notice a slow down of Dryrun’s operations. Here are some troubleshooting tips: Large Import of Items The...
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Setting Your Week Start Day

Dryrun lets you select which day your week starts on and allows you to adjust as needed. Click on ‘Go...
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Is Dryrun Secure?

The mark of professional-grade financial software is whether the creators choose to put their software to the test, and how...
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What is a dry run?

What’s a dry run? Basically, a dry run is a planned practice session using a variety of stress-tests to check...
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What is Dryrun?

What is Dryrun? Dryrun is a Software as a Service web application that helps users predict and manage their cash...
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Who is Dryrun For?

Every business needs to find a way to plan for their present cash flow realities as well as their future...
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