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What is a Forecast?

Dryrun uses the term Forecast to describe a forward-looking financial model that contains at least one Scenario. Often, Forecasts model...
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What is a Scenario?

Dryrun defines a Scenario as a method in which you can test drive a particular set of circumstances to make...
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Month End View vs. Total View

When a Forecast is toggled between Month End View and Total View, you may notice a significant difference in your...
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Sharing Forecasts

In Dryrun, it’s easy to share a Forecast with a business partner, colleague or advisor. There are two places you...
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Your Dashboard

Organizing your Dashboard can be a handy way to keep track of which forecasts are most critical to your business....
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Archive a Forecast

Tired of looking at a forecast? You can archive any forecast from the My Forecasts dashboard by accessing the Details...
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Viewing Forecast Details

Each forecast now has a detail screen that lists a considerable amount of information including: Access date, date created, created...
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Setting Your Week Start Day

Dryrun lets you select which day your week starts on and allows you to adjust as needed. Click on ‘Go...
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Quick Model

Dryrun gives you the ability to quickly model out a change, right from the Scenario you are currently working on....
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Webinar Part 5: Integrations

Next video The fifth video in Dryrun’s webinar series discusses integrating Xero, Quickbooks Online, or Pipedrive to automate the flow...
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Rolling Forecast Items

Problem: When Items come in from Xero or QuickBooks Online tagged as ‘Recurring’, they are not actually created in your...
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