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Getting Started with Dryrun

Welcome to Dryrun! When signing up for your free Dryrun trial and logging for the first time you are greeted...
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What are Receivables?

By definition, receivables are referred to as “amounts owed to a business, regarded as assets.” In Dryrun, Receivables are used...
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What are Payables?

By definition, payables are referred to as “debts owed by a business.” In Dryrun, Payables are used to show one-time...
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Managing Integrations

It’s easy to connect and disconnect your favourite accounting software to Dryrun. Currently Dryrun integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and...
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Dryrun Terms Of Use

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Viewing Forecast Details

Each forecast now has a detail screen that lists a considerable amount of information including: Access date, date created, created...
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Pipedrive Error in Dryrun

From time to time, Dryrun issues an error that requires users to change a setting in Pipedrive prior to being...
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Webinar Part 5: Integrations

Next video The fifth video in Dryrun’s webinar series discusses integrating Xero, Quickbooks Online, or Pipedrive to automate the flow...
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Dryrun Overview: Integrations

Next video April 2019: This video has a lot of great theory, but we’ve updated our import process. See here...
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Dryrun Overview: Manual Control

Next video Many users try both manual and imported data settings before settling on the combination that is right for...
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Dryrun Overview: Power Features

Next video With Dryrun’s basics under your belt, your cash flow will seem a lot clearer. That’s your cue that...
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Dryrun Overview: Plans and Features

Collect all 6! Your business deserves a right-sized plan for managing cash flow and sales forecasts. Dryrun’s overview provides the...
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Categories in Dryrun

Dryrun draws category names from vendors, customers, and payees in Xero and QuickBooks Online; users can also create categories manually....
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Quarterly View

Often users need to look at the day-to-day and long view of their data over time to get a handle...
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Import Data

Welcome new user! Here’s a video to show the basics of importing data into Dryrun. Please note that while QBO...
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Average Additional Spending

Average additional spending is part of Dryrun’s ‘Auto Forecast’ feature set and is designed to show users an approximate value...
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Updating Payment Information

Updating credit card information for payment purposes is easy in Dryrun. We use a first-in-class international payment provider to support...
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Working With Credit Card Data

Working with credit card expenses can seem tricky at first, but here are some potential solutions for users who need...
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