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What is Due Date Tracking?

Due Date Tracking gives an extra level of visibility to Dryrun and easily shows you what items are due in...
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Editing Due Dates

To move a Due Date forward in time, or change to a date in the past, simply click on the...
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Manually Updating Paid Items

If you are using Dryrun without integrating with Xero, Pipedrive or QuickBooks online, there is still an easy way to...
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Your Dashboard

Organizing your Dashboard can be a handy way to keep track of which forecasts are most critical to your business....
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Archive a Forecast

Tired of looking at a forecast? You can archive any forecast from the My Forecasts dashboard by accessing the Details...
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Viewing Forecast Details

Each forecast now has a detail screen that lists a considerable amount of information including: Access date, date created, created...
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Placeholder Forecast Items

Problem: When Items come in from Xero or QuickBooks Online tagged as ‘Recurring’, they are not actually created in your...
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Quick Date for Items

Moving bills, invoices and recurring items by changing their dates has never been easier. Users can now move Items rapidly...
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Reorder Scenarios

It’s easy to re-order Scenarios inside a Forecast to your preferred order. To access this feature, hover on the Scenario...
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Quarterly View

Often users need to look at the day-to-day and long view of their data over time to get a handle...
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Action List

Advanced users and Dryrun Partners can now quickly create an action list of which items are due, overdue and coming...
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Auto-Forecast Imported Items

For users on our Business, Advanced, and Partner plans, auto forecast is here! Auto Forecast Let Dryrun forecast your upcoming...
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Average Additional Spending

Average additional spending is part of Dryrun’s ‘Auto Forecast’ feature set and is designed to show users an approximate value...
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Dryrun Feature Release 53

Sage Intacct and Dryrun: Together at last… General Added Intacct Integration (bills, invoices, balances) Bug Stomp´╗┐ Several bugs squished, including:...
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Dryrun Feature Release 54

We’re really proud to bring you multi-national scenario currency conversion General Multi-national currency conversion Update Forecast modal window interface Add...
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Dryrun Feature Release 56

A need for speed. General Overall enhanced performance and efficiency Change average additional tooltip to hover instead of click Replace...
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Multi-Scenario Currency Conversion

On Dryrun’s Advanced Plan, users may toggle currency conversion ‘on’ Use the lightning bolt icon beside a particular scenario to...
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Dryrun Feature Release 60

Location, location, *location*! General Changed Auto Forecast saved, imported and progress messages Sort categories alphabetically by name (with ‘Average Additional’...
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