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Connecting Xero to Dryrun

Connecting Xero & Importing Your Data Watch the video or follow the instructions below:   Connecting Xero to Dryrun is...
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Refreshing Your Xero Data

In order to ensure your data is up-to-date in Dryrun, you will need to refresh your data when you open...
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Connect Multiple Integrations

For Advanced Collaborators, connecting multiple client integrations is fast and easy from the main screen. Connecting multiple Xero, Quick Books...
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Placeholder Forecast Items

Problem: When Items come in from Xero or QuickBooks Online tagged as ‘Recurring’, they are not actually created in your...
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Fresh Import

From time to time the Dryrun team releases updates for features and fixes. To ensure that scenarios with imported data...
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Draft Invoices in Xero

Dryrun imports draft invoices from Xero on their due date, just like we import Xero’s ‘approved’ invoices. This is a...
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Re-Importing Scenario Data

Using a Scenario Integration’s re-import feature needs to be carefully considered. Re-importing data wipes categories and items that have been...
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Import Data

Let’s import some data! Here’s a video to show the basics of importing data into Dryrun. Please note that while...
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Average Additional Spending

Average additional spending is part of Dryrun’s ‘Auto Forecast’ feature set and is designed to show users an approximate value...
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Dryrun Feature Release 61

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs General Refined ‘Global Update Scenario’...
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