Connecting Pipedrive to Dryrun

Connecting Pipedrive & Importing Your Data

Watch the video or follow the instructions below:


Connecting Pipedrive to Dryrun is quick and straight forward.

1. Click on ‘Integrations‘ in your Dryrun account

Connect your Pipedrive account


2. Enter your Pipedrive Credentials

Enter Pipedrive Credentials


3. You are now connected to Pipedrive. Open up a Forecast to import your data.

Your Pipedrive account is connected


4. Click on the Scenario Settings icon (gear icon) for the Scenario that you want to import your data into and click on the Pipedrive logo

Open scenario settings


5. Adjust your import settings. ie. the Date Range

Adjust Pipedrive import settings


6. After you’ve imported your data, you will see the Pipedrive logo next to the Scenario title indicating that you’ve successfully connected and imported data into the scenario.

You can click on the Pipedrive logo to access your Pipedrive settings for the Scenario.

Pipedrive icon - connected


7. Click on Refresh Data when you come back to Dryrun to get the latest changes from Pipedrive.

refresh your data in Dryrun

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