Working With Credit Card Data

Working with credit card expenses can seem tricky at first, but here are some potential solutions for users who need more visibility around their credit card transactions.

  1. Consider importing credit card expenses into the main or ‘cash flow actuals’ scenario and work from the checking account.
  2. Consider whether credit card expenses should be imported into a completely separate scenario and if so, use the credit cards themselves as the month start value for that particular scneario. That will show how much room is on the card at the start of the month. She may have used a checking account starting value
  3. Barb [1:15 PM]
  4. That was my thinking as well.
  5. Blaine [1:15 PM]
  6. If she only wants to see the running expenses, then she shouldn’t bring in a starting balance at all
  7. I think we should always assume we’re right before we’re proven wrong, rather than assuming they’ve found ‘a bug’. It’s almost always a setup or logic issue.
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