Crossed Out Items in Weekly and Monthly Views

Have you seen some some numbers that are crossed out in your scenarios? Well, there’s a good reason for that but it can be a bit complicated.

It can happen when you change your month start or day start figure, such as when your bank balance is imported. We cross out the items that occur before the start adjustment so that the totals work out.

Here’s an example of how this works:

Six invoices have been added to Dryrun. Three in February and three in March.

You can see that at the end of February, there is a total of $3,000 which is carried forward as the month start figure for March. At the end of March there is a total of $6,000 which includes the $3,000 of invoices in the month of March.

Monthly Items

Now, the Month Start to March is changed to $0.00. The result is that only the items in March can be reflected in the total at the end of March, which will be $3,000.

Month Start Adjustment

In Daily View, you can see that everything works out fine. On March 1, the Month Start adjustment is evident and at the end of March 2 there is a total of $3,000, rather than $6,000 if that had not been a change to the Month Start figure.

Daily view Adjustment

But, in Weekly View, things can get tricky.

Here, you can see that two items are crossed off. By their name, it’s clear that the items were invoiced on February 27 and 28 so those two items cannot be included in the total at the end of the week because on March 1, the start figure was changed to 0.00.

So, Dryrun crosses those items out. That way, the items are viewable as expected, but it’s clear that they are not included in the total at the end of the week.

Weekly view with Adjustment



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