Dryrun Feature Release 052

Find out what’s going on behind the scenes here at Dryrun


  • Validate email upon registration
  • Validate email on Edit Account page
  • Validate password upon registration
  • Validate password upon Edit Account page
  • UI fixes
  • Happy messaging to cue users that structures are being created ‘behind the scenes’
  • Add User list now expands


  • UI fixes
  • Bug stomp: Fixed merge error on global refresh (error occured after deleting a scenario and performing a global refresh)
  • Bug stomp: Fixed integration window closing after connecting to integration (error occured when window was not closing)
  • Continue refresh immediately after reconnecting to integration
  • Bug stomp: Allow for more accurate refresh by converting last import date to UTC for QBO, Xero, and Pipedrive (error caused modified items to be overwritten when refreshed)
  • Added ‘No Accounts Found’ messaging for QBO and Xero users when no bank or credit cards exist for import
  • Add Purchase Order data to QBO and remove PO once bill data is imported

Released 16-Apr-2019

Got feedback, see a bug, or have an idea you want to share with us? Email us at hello@dryrun.com or DM us on our socials.

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