Editing Due Dates

To move a Due Date forward in time, or change to a date in the past, simply click on the Item you need to edit in Payables or Receivables, and select Due Date. A calendar will pop up and allow you to choose the date the payment or invoice is due.


Use the arrows to the right or left of the month to select the correct month and year, then select the date you wish to set as your due date.


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Pro Tip: Some users may choose to set a due date for a few days to a week prior to the actual date a bill or invoice is due. This way, if they miss the date at least the red flag will alert them to pay the bill or follow up on an incoming payment immediately! And it also allows for a few days’ grace. The Notes section is a great way to document these details.

You can customize Dryrun whichever way works best for your business!

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