Getting Started with Dryrun

Welcome to Dryrun! When signing up for your free Dryrun trial and logging for the first time you are greeted by Dryrun’s founder, Blaine Bertsch. This handsome devil will help you get started with an in-depth tour video on the lower left.

Getting Started Welcome Page

If you choose to jump right into Dryrun’s awesome features and choose Get Started with Dryrun but would like to go back and rewatch the tour video, please click here.

Once you are in Dryrun, you are greeted with the “Design Shop Inc.” Forecast template. This is a great way to begin playing around with Dryrun and seeing how different actions affect your cash flow. Try adding some Recurring items to your monthly budget or plugging invoices into Receivables to gauge how these decisions affect your bottom line.


Or start with a fresh new Forecast by clicking on My Forecasts at the upper right hand side of the page and then choose New Forecast located just above Design Shop Inc.


From there the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with Dryrun!

Looking for import info? Here’s an update:

April 2019: We’ve updated our import process!! See here for a quick rundown of how to get accounting or sales data imported into a scenario:

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