Can Budgets be Imported from QuickBooks Online or Xero?

Currently Dryrun does not import budgets from QuickBooks Online or Xero at this time. It’s being considered for the future but we encourage users to build your recurring budget right in Dryrun.

We do this for several reasons:

1. Custom Categories and Items are easier to understand and follow rather than using accounting codes, so the budget can be much more detailed and serve as a reference to the business owner (ie. Seeing exactly how much each staff member is paid.)

2. It’s also very easy to update your budget when there are changes in your business or you want to model out growth or ‘what-if’ scenarios.

3. Items added in Dryrun can have a much wider range of repeat functions added, and if no end date is provided for an Item, the recurring budget will continue indefinitely.

Building your business’ budget can take a few moments to complete but the benefits can be substantial.

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