Adding Members to Your Account

You can add multiple users as ‘members’ to your Dryrun account so that you are able to pay for all of the subscriptions on a single account with a single monthly charge. Dryrun offers this so that businesses with multiple users aren’t trying to keep track of several individual charges throughout the month.

Each member has a full, private account and the ability to share Forecasts with other Dryrun users (in the case of Read Only accounts, members will only be able to view the account shared with them). You can add, edit or remove members at any time.

Adding Members to your Account

In the Members area of the accounts section of Dryrun, you can select Add Member to pay for that person’s subscription. They will receive an email to confirm that you will be managing and paying for their account going forward.

Select Purchase Subscription for someone who has already verified you will be managing their account.


Purchasing Subscriptions for Your Members

There is just one final step needed to officially connect members to your account: purchasing their subscription. (In the case of the Advanced Collaboration account, you are able to select which users apply to your Free three subscriptions, and which additional members you would prefer to pay for, assuming you have more than three additional members.)

Since there are a number of different subscription types in Dryrun, you can select which plan you want for each user.

In order to finalize their accounts, go to your account screen, click on the ‘Details’ for each user and select the “Purchase Subscription’ for each.

Select free user

Once you have selected the subscription you would like to purchase for the user, you will be prompted for your credit card number to connect the user officially to your account. Dryrun will group all of your subscriptions into one monthly charge and prorate your account as you add additional members so that you will never pay for any time you are not using. (Learn more about Prorating below)

If you are applying a Free user account in Advanced Collaboration, you will not be charged any additional fees when you select ‘Single User Free’ as the subscription you will be prompted for your credit card number at $0 to officially connect the user to your account. This additional step is required so that we can give total control to you to select exactly what you want for each user.

Provide Credit Card

Tip: If you select “Remember me” in the credit card window, you will not have to enter your card number again as you add additional users.

Prorating User Accounts

Users are prorated as they are added so you will never pay for more than you are using.

ie. if you purchase the first user on the Jan 1, you will be charged $19 on Jan 1. If you add an additional user on Jan 15th, you will not be charged again until Feb. 1 so that you are only charged one time in a month.

At that point, you will pay for $19+$19 for each user for February and will also be charged for the 16 days that were used by the newest user in January at a prorated rate of $9.80. So, in February you would be charged $47.80.

If no additional users are added before March 1, your March bill will be $38 for the month and will remain that way going forward unless additional changes are made to the account.

Resending Invitations to Pending Members

Select Edit Members then Resend Invite to add the member again. This person will receive a new email in which they will confirm your management of their account.


Removing Members from your Account

Select Edit Members then Remove to stop paying for a member’s account. They will be responsible for paying their Dryrun subscription upon the next billing date.

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