Manually Updating Paid Items

If you are using Dryrun without integrating with Xero, Pipedrive or QuickBooks online, there is still an easy way to update paid items.


To mark an Item as paid, simply click on the Item you wish to pay and select the box indicated Mark As Paid. The green or red icon will automatically disappear once paid.

This feature will only be available for manually added Items. If the Item has been imported through Xero, Pipedrive or QuickBooks Online, the Mark as Paid box will not appear.

If the item is overdue, the date will also be changed to today’s date. You are free to change the date to a different date if required.

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Pro Tip: If you have integrated Dryrun with Xero, Pipedrive or QuickBooks Online, your paid items will translate when you refresh your data.

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