Read Only Accounts

Read Only for Forecasts

When inviting others to a Forecast, you can choose how the other party participates in that Forecast. They can either have full access with the ability to change any feature, or they can see the Forecast but not make any changes. This allows for complete control over permissions within a Forecast.

To send an invite for Read Only mode for a Forecast, hover over the name of the Forecast and a menu of options will appear to the right. Then select Share.


A box will appear that will allow you to enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. To send in Read Only mode, check the box marked Read Only.


The invitee will receive an email with instructions on how to join the Forecast. If the other party does not already have a Dryrun account, they will be prompted to create a free trial. Upon login, they should select Shared with Me in the account screen and they will be able to see all Forecasts shared with them.


They can also remove themselves from the Forecast at any time by selecting Leave Forecast at the far right.

Read Only for Entire Dryrun Accounts

Sometimes there are people within your business structure that require access to your Forecasts and Scenarios but you only need them to be able to view your records rather than make changes to them. Perhaps you want to send details to a client regarding their account, or share data with potential investors, or help someone view data in a more visual state than a spreadsheet. Whatever the reason, you can create an entire account for someone that is in Read Only mode.

In the Members area of the accounts page, select Add Member. Fill out the name and email of the person you wish to invite and then select Send Invite. That person will receive an email that asks them to confirm your management of their subscription. Once they have confirmed, you can choose whether you want their account to be a full access account or just a read-only account.

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