Setting up a Manual Recurring Budget

Creating a powerful recurring budget in Dryrun can take a few minutes to complete but it’s a perfect way to ensure you are always aware of your bottom line. You have the flexibility to make it make sense to you, and you only have to do it once!

First, separate your monthly bills such as office rent, utilities, loans, payroll, equipment, and any fees or services so you can easily visualize your regular monthly spending.

Adding a new Item & Category:

Hover over the month that you’d like to enter details into. A gray arrow will appear to the left of the month and allow you to access the Recurring, Payables and Receivables area.



Select the gray arrow to the left of Recurring to access the area.


Under the Recurring area, tap Add Item. From there you can create a new Category or choose an existing one and customize individual items to reflect the pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and others), start and end dates (or auto-repeat forever!), and any pertinent information that is necessary.


Each category will either be considered an Expense (in red) or Income (in green) for easy visibility. An example of a recurring income might be subletting a portion of your office space or expecting a fixed client retainer.

Editing or Deleting Items:


Individual items can also be edited (or deleted) with the ability to change a single instance, all instances past and future, or just instances going forward-all within the same menu.

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Pro Tip: Try to keep your recurring budget static and add one time charges and amounts owed into Payables and Receivables


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