Sharing Forecasts

In Dryrun, it’s easy to share a Forecast with a business partner, colleague or advisor.

There are two places you can share your forecast, from within a forecast and from your list of forecasts.

Sharing from Within a Forecast


Simply hover over the Forecast name and select Share out of the menu options that appear. You will be prompted to enter an email address and then hit Share on the lower right of the pop-up.


Sharing From Your Dashboard

You are able to share forecasts with other users from your list of forecasts, either called “My Forecasts,” or in the case of Advanced Collaboration level users, “Dashboard.”

Even if a user is a member on your account you will still need to share the specific forecast with them. That way you have total control over what your members see and what you keep private.

You can share with other users by clicking on ‘Details‘ for the forecast in your forecast list. The details button is on the far right of the forecast title.

Details in your forcast

Then click on ‘Share‘ and enter the users email.

Enter members email

A ‘Shared With‘ list will now be in your Details screen for the forecast that will list all of the users you are sharing with and their permissions (which you can adjust at anytime if needed).

Shared with

Tip: The person receiving an invitation to collaborate on your Forecast will be prompted to start a free trial of Dryrun if they are not already a member!

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Pro Tip: If you choose to share the Forecast in a format that lets them only view the Forecast and not make any changes, select the box marked Read Only.

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