Video: Integrating Apps with your Cloud Accounting System

Posted 27 February by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Cash Flow, Videos

How integrating tools with your cloud accounting system is a no-brainer for businesses.


Hi Everybody,

This is Blaine with Dryrun.

I just have a quick video today.

I wanted to mention a few things about cloud accounting systems and also the way you can integrate tools into that system.

I’ve just been talking to a lot of business owners lately. They are familiar with the cloud accounting systems like QuickBooks Online or Xero or Sage Accounting or whatever they are using.

But what they aren’t always aware of is how useful it is to integrate tools into their accounting system.

Sometimes it’s because the system is basically run by an accountant or a bookkeeper.

Or sometimes they are trying to do their own bookkeeping in house and maybe not really doing the best job of it.

I just want to outline some of the really cool things that you can do and actually talk about how my own system is set up.

Number one is getting data into your cloud accounting system.

We use a tool that, there are some really great ones like ReceiptBank and Hubdoc and AutoEntry. AutoEntry are great friends of ours.

That will take your data, your receipts and basically just automatically drop them into your accounting software.

When I have paper receipts just take a quick picture, it goes into my accounting software, once it’s in there I can just literally throw the receipt out.

It can save an enormous amount of time on your bookkeeping and just makes things really, really simple.

Of course, depending on what kind of business you are running there can be all sorts of cloud tools that can help you deal with your inventory problems, with your CRM, keeping track of your clients and actually integrating that so everything’s in the same place.

Sending out invoices from your Cloud Accounting software is just an absolute no brainer, so everything is in the same place.

And then of course here at Dryrun we’ll take that data out of your system and build an automatic cashflow forecasts.

You can even use from Pipedrive, build revenue forecasts, we build it all automatically for you, you can take a look at things and play around with the numbers. Do “what if scenarios”.

The big thing I want to emphasize is that it’s not just about having this accounting system that you can log into online.

It’s that as you integrate all of these specialty tools into the main accounting system, It can save you tons and tons of time and tons of hassle and of course it can work really well when you’re collaborating with your accountant or your bookkeeper or your CFO, your fractional CFO or whoever it is.

I just want to highlight some of those benefits today and that’s it for today.

If you have any questions feel free to just reach out on Facebook here or on any of our other channels over at, on LinkedIn you can hit me up anywhere and I’d love to answer your questions.


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