Interview Techniques for Hiring Great Employees

Posted 31 July by Blaine Bertsch in Entrepreneur, Small Business

In any business, employees carry a big load but in a small business hiring the right person is even more critical. Employees are often asked to multi-task, handle a lot of different roles and take on more responsibility.

Hiring the right person for the job can generate revenue, give you a nice profit margin and free you up to grow your business, but hiring the wrong person can throw a small organization into chaos, breed negativity, resentment and have a major impact on you and your key staff.

Bringing on new team members is risky but essential for a healthy, growing business so recruitment strategies need to be in place for every business. Knowing how to interview and what questions to ask are critical for your hiring process.

Interview Techniques and Tips

Work these tactics into your job interview to help you pick that perfect candidate from that list of prospects.

1. Nerves are not a bad thing in a potential prospect. It shows that they care about the opportunity and they are human. The key is to be patient, accommodating and see how they can pull themselves together as the conversation proceeds.

2. Watch for overconfident individuals that railroad the interview process, if they can be that aggressive early in the process, imagine the work environment later on.

3. Ask questions to determine their current and future goals. Can your business deliver? The goal is to have a healthy work environment and team.

At minimum their short term goals need to be a match. The goal should be that through proper placements, your current and past employees are likely your best solid lead to a stellar new hire.

4. Encourage candidates to ask you questions about your business goals and work environment. Their questions will give you insight into what is important to them. It will also help both of you to determine if this opportunity is a correct match.

5. The goal should be a positive outcome for both of you. There is nothing wrong with identifying pinch points, maybe they can be accommodated or maybe you both just dodged an incorrect placement.

6. Know exactly what you are hiring for and recruit the proper person and skill set for that current position. You may see future potential for that prospect in other roles, (it’s useful to record that information) but unless you are prepared for both roles at this time, stay focused on your current task.

7. Ask why they left their last job and pay attention to the answer. If a lot of negativity comes your way, don’t assume you will fare any better in the long term in your team. The consequences of bringing a negative force into your group can be disastrous.

8. Ask for a minimum of three references for candidates that you have interviewed. Follow up with every reference, after the interview, for the key prospects that are on your shortlist.

From hiring your first employee through to adding someone to a big, established team, finding the right person for the job is essential to move your business forward, while hiring the wrong person can take you backwards in a hurry. If you’re lucky, a terrific candidate will fall into your lap, but more often than not, finding that right fit is a tall order.

Balancing out the need for an extra set of hands versus waiting too long for the right candidate to come along can be more of an art than a science. Taking these eight interviewing tips into consideration should help you navigate those tricky waters and develop a solid recruitment process for your business.

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