Powerful Budgets

Powerful Budgets

When you want to see budget details, you want them relevant and instant. Accounting codes are great for accountants but don't mean much to business owners so we built Dryrun with flexibility so that you can name each category and build your budget in a way that makes sense to you.

Freedom To Work on Your Business:
  • Construct an accurate budget…fast
  • Auto-repeat forever
  • Easy to understand
  • Test as many budget scenarios as you need
  • A breeze to customize

Construct an accurate budget...fast

With a few number inputs and mouse-clicks, you can build a monthly business budget with as much – or as little – data as is relevant. Continue it forever with a single mouse click, or change key data once or going forward to reflect your reality.

Auto-repeat forever

A core feature of Dryrun is that the default repeat setting is ‘forever’ – meaning that if data doesn’t need to be altered, it will automatically continue correctly for infinity. Of course change is easy since we’ve given you manual control, but isn’t it nice to know that something will continue to do it’s job forever without active management?

Easy to understand

Accounting software is great for accountants, but using standardized accounting codes creates a barrier between small business owners and their understanding of their own financials. Enter Dryrun. With a quick budget setup process and manual control, you’re able to customize every category and name everything the way it makes the most sense to you.

It’s wonderful. I feel a lot more in control and it has freed up a lot of my time. It’s even great in being able to track previous projects, how well we’ve done, how quickly clients are paying, and when we’re booking a lot of work.
Lisa Hagen
Founder, Unthinkable

Test as many budget scenarios as you need

Take your budget on a dryrun and see what makes it tick. As anyone who has built a business budget knows, one is never enough. What if your risky strategy pays off? What if it doesn’t?

With Dryrun, easily construct a budget scenario, duplicate it, then change key factors to help you quickly decide which factors will critically affect your business goals.

A breeze to customize

You shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the month to see next month’s budget, nor should you have to copy and paste from month to month. We built Dryrun chock full of repeat options and the ability to change every start and end date. Change any item at anytime and decide if the changes only carry forward, affect a specific month, or change every month in your forecast.

Dryrun builds budgets the way they should be done…fast and fun.

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